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The company proudly make productions, shuch as Y Y2 Y3-series electrical motors,YD-series multi-speed motor, YSF-series special motor for air blower, YP exhaust smoke motor, YVF2-SERIES FREQUENCY & Speed control motor,YCL-series special motor for cooling tower, YFP……YEL-seiies electromagnetic braking motor,………

Russia Gost Motor

Three Phase Motor

Y2 Three Phase Induction Motor

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RONGDE has advanced automated production equip-ment which can provide strong ensurance for the precision quality of produts,To ensure thestability andreliability of products,technical experts take part in the production.lncreasing awareness of quality and innovative products continuous won a high degree of trust and identity of the customers.

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Relying on China Taizhou Electromechanical Industry Base.

Competitive Price

Relying on China Taizhou Electromechanical Industry Base.

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