China YCT Series three-phase Electromagnetic Speed Regulating Motor

//China YCT Series three-phase Electromagnetic Speed Regulating Motor
China YCT Series three-phase Electromagnetic Speed Regulating Motor2019-04-22T15:06:15+08:00

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Product Brief
YCT series adjustable-speed induction motor by electromagnetic clutch is one of the derived series from Y series three phase asynchronous motors, they are composed of driving motors, electromagnetic slip coupling and controller. YCT series motors are usually used under a constant torque load and are particularly suitable for the use under the load with a decreasing torque such as the centrifugal pump and fan. Main applications of the YCT series motors including assembly lines, transfer equipments, plastic injecting machines, printing machines, pumps, fans, wire calendars, drawing machines etc.

The speed of the YCT series motors can be adjusted continuously and steplessly within the specified adjustable speed range with an output of rated torque. When the loading torque is changed during the running of the motor, the exciting current of the coupling can be regulated automatically by the speed negative feedback system of the controller, so as to keep the speed free of any variation basically.

1. Frame size:H112-355;

2. Power:0.55-90KW;

3. Voltage as follows:

1)Rated Voltage for Controller: 220V;

2)Rated Voltage for the motor:380V(three phase) 220V(single phase)

4. Rated Frequency: 50 Hz ;

5. Poles: 4A,4B

6. Speed: 1250-125, 1320-132, 1320-440 ,1320-600

7. Ambient Temperature: -15°C-40°C

8. Model of CONEECTION: Y-Connection for 3 KW motor or less while Delta-Connection for 4 KW motor or more;

9. Duty: continuous (S1);

10. Insulation Class:  B/F;

11. Protection Class:  IP21;

12. Frame material: Cast iron body ;

13. Cooling Method: IC411 Standards;

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