Idb35 Clean Water Pump Series

//Idb35 Clean Water Pump Series
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Project Description

IDB series water pump for clean water is able to offer high pressure with a relatively low power .These water pump can be use for  pumping clean water without sand and other solid impurities, watering farms and gardens , boosting insufficient mains water pressure.

Max. Medium temperature up to +40°C
Max. Ambient temperature up to +40°C
Medium free from granules or anything that may damage the pump
Total suction lift up to 9mt
Continuous duty
Two-pole induction motor(n=2850r.p.m)
Insulation Class B
Protection IP44
Model: IDB-35
Power: 370W/0.5HP
Max. Capacitor (L/min): 30
Max: Head (m): 30
Max: Suction (m): 9
Speed (r.m.p): 2850
Pump dia (mm): 25X25
Inlet/Outlet pipe size: 1 inch
Power: single-phase Voltage 220, frequency 50 Hz


Project Details