ST/STC Series Single/Three-Phase AC Synchronous Generators

//ST/STC Series Single/Three-Phase AC Synchronous Generators
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Project Description

Product introduction
ST/STC series single-phase/three-phase AC synchronous generators/alternators have excellent quality and won the Golden Prize of the People’s Republic of China for high-quality products. This series of single-phase/three-phase generators are suitable for lighting power supply in urban, rural, work site, mountain area, pasture and other places, as well as emergency standby power supply. Generator is elegant and generous in shape, strong in structure and easy to maintain. Installation dimensions adopt IEC standards, such as type B end cap, which can meet the supporting requirements of Australia, Europe and the United States. The generator is drip-proof by rotating magnetic field and harmonic excitation system, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. Generator is three-phase four-wire system, using neutral point star connection. The rated line voltage is 400V, the phase voltage is 230V and the frequency is 50Hz. Power factor 0.8 (lag). We can supply 60Hz and other voltage generators according to customers’requirements. They can be directly coupled with the prime mover or rotated continuously right or backward through V-belt at rated speed. When the speed of the prime mover varies by about 3% and the load varies in the range of 0-100% cos J 0.8-1.0, the generator provides constant voltage. When the load suddenly changes (increases or decreases), the generator will quickly return to its normal working state. At the same time, the generator can start and unload directly without any starting device. Squirrel cage induction motor.

Above sea level: Not exceed 1000m
Cooling air temperature: 258~313K(-15 oC ~ 40 oC)
Relative air damping: not exceed 90%

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