WZB-T Type Iron Shell Vortex Self-priming Pump

//WZB-T Type Iron Shell Vortex Self-priming Pump
WZB-T Type Iron Shell Vortex Self-priming Pump2019-04-22T15:20:26+08:00

Project Description

Product overview

WZB-T scroll self-priming electric pump (hereinafter referred to as the electric pump), the electric pump is mainly composed of three parts: motor, water pump and seal. The motor is an asynchronous motor; the impeller structure is a scroll type, which can obtain a higher lift. The electric pump is radial suction and has self-priming function. Sealing: The pump and motor are equipped with a single end mechanical seal. The rotating water retaining ring on the shaft acts as an auxiliary water throwing and isolation function. The “O” rubber sealing ring is used for static sealing at the fixed seal. This series of electric pumps are small in size, light in weight, compact in structure and simple in installation. They are ideal household electric pumps with high efficiency, energy saving, sanitation and safety. They are widely used in farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, garden sprinkler irrigation, vegetable greenhouse water supply and aquaculture industry water supply and drainage, well water lifting, tap water pressurization and other domestic water occasions.

Conditions of use

Electric pumps shall be able to operate continuously and normally under the following conditions: 1. Medium temperature generally does not exceed + 40 C. 2. The PH value of medium ranges from 6.5 to 8.5. 3. The volume ratio of solid impurities should not exceed 0.1% and the particle size should not exceed 0.2 mm. 4. Power supply frequency is 50 Hz, voltage single phase is 220V, voltage fluctuation The range is (+10%) of the rated value.

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