YK2 Series three phase electric motor

//YK2 Series three phase electric motor
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Project Description

Product introduction :

YK2 screw compressor motor is specially designed and manufactured for screw compressor matching. The base is high strength cast iron base, and the junction box is located at the top or side of the extension seat. The seat number is H132-H315. Installation method is divided into IMB3 and IMB35. Service coefficient is SF=1.15 or SF=1.2 or SF=1.25. Insulation grade F. Temperature rise is assessed according to grade B at rated load. When the coefficient load is applied, the temperature rise is assessed at 90K, and the bearing temperature does not exceed 95 C.

Conditions of use:

Ambient Temperature:-15ºC-40ºC
Altitude:Up to 1000meters
Rated Frequency:50Hz
Rated Voltage:380V 400V 415V
Insulation Class:B/F
Ingress Protection:IP54/IP55
Cooling Method:IC411

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