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Product introduction
ZF series vibration motor can be divided into: 2 pole single-phase, 2 pole three-phase, 4 pole three-phase 6 ; pole three-phase as well as DC motor and so on. The force of vibration motor is power source and vibration source, on both ends of the vibration motor’s rotor shaft, we installed a set of adjustable eccentric block, it use bearing and centrifugal froce which is created by eccentric block high-speed rotation to get the vibration force. There are some advantages of our vibration motor: high utilization rate. Less energy consumption, low noise, long service life, very easy to use and vibration force can be adjusted arbitrarily. Nor-mally, our vibration motor is used for general vibration machinery, such as vibrate crusher, vibrate screen, vibrator packing motor, vibrate shakeouy motor, vibrate molding machine, vibrate pile driver, vibrate hoister, vibrate filing machine and so on.

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