HSW Series Brushless AC Synchronous Generator with Insulation Level F


Product description Sd/sdt series of brushless synchronous alternator with Stanford technology, its output range is 6.8KW-1150KW single-phase and three-phase. High performance, easy installation and maintenance. Three-phase 4-wire, 50Hz/60Hz 1500/1800rpm is optional. 4-pole, brushless alternator with AVR, H-class insulation, IP23 and suitable for various brands of engines, international standard SAE port, optional double bearing specifications .

High Quality SD/SDC Series Single Phase/Three Phase AC Synchronous Generator/AC Generator


Product introduction SD / SDC Series Single / Three Phase A.C. Synchronous Generator / Alternator . SD/SDC series generator and welding dual-purpose generator are suitable for internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine drive. They can be used as mobile or stable power supply devices for cities, countryside, ships, lighting or welding workshops. They are [...]

ST/STC Series Single/Three-Phase AC Synchronous Generators


Product introduction ST/STC series single-phase/three-phase AC synchronous generators/alternators have excellent quality and won the Golden Prize of the People's Republic of China for high-quality products. This series of single-phase/three-phase generators are suitable for lighting power supply in urban, rural, work site, mountain area, pasture and other places, as well as emergency standby power supply. Generator [...]