APPLICATION&FEATURE The pumps are recommended for clean water and liquids which are not aggresive to the pump components. They are designed for lifting water, even in cases with entrained air.Their quiet running, reliability and low power consumption makes them particularly suitable for domestjc and civiluse, including pressurisation and distribution of water, irrigation and rainwater recovery [...]

WZB-T Type Iron Shell Vortex Self-priming Pump


Product overview WZB-T scroll self-priming electric pump (hereinafter referred to as the electric pump), the electric pump is mainly composed of three parts: motor, water pump and seal. The motor is an asynchronous motor; the impeller structure is a scroll type, which can obtain a higher lift. The electric pump is radial suction and has [...]

Jdp Series Self-Priming Jet and Centrifugal Pumps for Deep Wells


The JDP-255/370 series pumps are regarded as one of the best surface pumps for deep well water priming. It consists of two pumps connected in series, one is ejector pump and the other is centrifugal pump. The ejector pump is lowered in a 3" well and connected to the centrifugal pump body by two pipes. [...]

Good Quality Tq60 Self-Priming Peripheral Water Pump


PUMP Brass impeller with evenly arranged radial vanes Antirust copper inserts prevent impeller's block when starting after the pump is unsused for a long time. Max. Liquid termperature: +35ºC Max. Suction: 8m Cast iron pump body and support MOTOR Motor with copper winding Shaft: stainless steel welded with 45#/45# steel be electroplated Insulation class: B or F Protection [...]