Single Phase Induction Motor For North America Market


Product introduction NEMA Standard Series Single Phase Asynchronus Motor is Designed and manufactured according to USA NEMA standard and Canada standard.NEMA series single phase asynchronous motor has the strong points like novel pattern,excellent technics and reliable performance.The motor features by low temerature rise,low noise and vibration,as well as high efficiency. The voltage of the series [...]

TW series single phase electric motor


Motor Features 1.Ambient temperature:-15ºC≤ θ ≤ 40ºC 2.Protection Class: IP44,IP54 3.Altitude:not exceeding 1000meters 4.Rated voltage:110V  115V  120V  220V  230V  240V 5.Duty: continuous (S1) 6.Insulation Class:  B , F 7.Rated Frequency: 50 Hz  60Hz 8.Cooling method:Ic0141 9.Packing: 56-132 frame be packaged by carton&pallets Company Introduction: Our company offers variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. We adhere to the management principles of "quality first, customer first and credit-based" since the establishment [...]

YY Single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor


Product characteristics: YY Series capacitor running asynchronous motor, is produced according to IEC standed, with feature as simple strucyure, steady running, advanced technical indicators and easily maintenance. Fitting for household appliances, air compressor, pump, blower and recorder instrument etc. 1.Protection Class:IP44 2.Cooling Type:IC411(cooled by SELF-FAN) 3.Insulation Class:B 4.Operation Type:S1 5.Rated Volt.:220V or on request 6. [...]

YL Series Two Value Capacitor Asynchronous Motor Induction Motor


The motor is suitable for driving small lathes and pumps, especially for home workshops with single-phase power supply. The series motors are designed with advanced technology and manufactured with high-quality materials. They have beautiful appearance, advanced performance, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, low temperature rise, low noise, small starting current and large starting torque. They meet [...]