IEC standard TEFC Low Voltage Large Power Three Phase Electric Motor


Y3 LOW VOLTAGE LARGE POWER THREE PHASE ELECTRIC MOTOR Frame number: 400~450  Power: 185KW ~ 900KW Working system: S1 Applications: General purpose including cutting, machine, pumps, fans, conveyors, Agricultural Machinery and food machinery Features:Good-looking appearance, High efficiency and energy saving, low noise and little vibration. F insulation class, IP54 or IP55 protection class OPERATING CONDITIONS: Ambient [...]

IE3 series three phase electric motor


Product introduction IE3 series are of the totally enclosed, three phase squirrel cage type, built to comply with international IEC and EN standards. Motor conforming to other national and international specifications are also available on request. All production units are certified to ISO9001 international quality standard as well ISO14000 environ-mental standard and confirm to all [...]

YS Series Three Phase AC Asynchronous Motor


INTRODUCTION YS series three phase asynchronous motor is suitable for small machine tool, pump, air compressor and other equipment of three phase power supply. The series motor features by higher output power than single phase asynchronous motor, and has larger output of the same shape. RANGE OF PERFORMANCE Protection Class: IP44/IP54/IP55 Cooling Type: IC0141 Insulation [...]



Mounting The baseplate surface where the vibrator motor is mounted ,has an allowable tolerance of 0.08mm,so that the surface rests uniformly against each other to avoid internal tension,that may cause breakage of the foot of the vibrator motor. Use 8.8type bolts,8.0type nuts and flat washers that belongs to category A EN ISO 7089/7092. The graph [...]

CVM Series three phase vibrator motor


Product introduction CVM series vibration motor can be divided into: 2 pole single-phase, 2 pole three-phase, 4 pole three-phase 6 ; pole three-phase as well as DC motor and so on. The force of vibration motor is power source and vibration source, on both ends of the vibration motor's rotor shaft, we installed a set [...]

YK2 Series three phase electric motor


Product introduction : YK2 screw compressor motor is specially designed and manufactured for screw compressor matching. The base is high strength cast iron base, and the junction box is located at the top or side of the extension seat. The seat number is H132-H315. Installation method is divided into IMB3 and IMB35. Service coefficient is [...]

Square Aluminum Shell Three-phase Asynchronous Motor


INTRODUCTION Square aluminum shell series three-phase asynchronous motors have the same installation size and electrical performance as cast iron shell motors. They have the characteristics of novel design, square appearance, compact structure and convenient maintenance. They are widely used in machine tools, fans, pumps, reducers and other industries. They are upgraded products of ordinary cast [...]

YXP Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor for High Temperature Fire-fighting and Smoke-exhaust Fan


Product Features The series motors are specially designed for high temperature fire fighting and smoke exhaust axial flow fans, which meet the requirements of GB50045-95 "Code for Fire Protection in High-rise Civil Building Design". With the ability of continuously conveying high temperature flue gas at 300 ºC for more than 30 minutes, the motors of [...]

JW,AO series three phase asynchronous motor


JW,AO series three phase asynchronous motor(instead by YS series) have same advantages of oher similar products in the international market. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, satisfactory technical and electrical performance, good starting and operation properties. It's widely used in drilling machine and various machines. Technical Data: Centre height of [...]